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Race Ready Cycle Works is a mobile bicycle repair shop and our goal is to provide professional and affordable repair services across the Midwest for events and Ohio for private services. We primarily go to races and events, but we are looking to do more customer based work. Incase you were wondering, yes, we show up wherever you like! We work on anything as long as it has pedals and a chain. With that being said, we are a place for all cyclists.



Our Story

Owned by Isaac Shelton, Race Ready Cycle Works is a private, mobile bicycle repair business that travels to races and repairs bicycles at an affordable cost. Isaac has almost a decade of bicycle repair training ranging from working at Bishop's Bicycle "The Oldest Bicycle Shop In The USA", Go Fast Multisports that has since closed down, and Shimano Technology online school. Isaac has a history of racing as well, starting in 2011 as a time-trialist. Since then, he has competed in numerous criterium races, road races, and triathlons. Isaac backs all of his work up with a guarantee to get every bike as precise as possible given that the bike is in good working condition.

Race Ready Cycle Works was created when asked to work at numerous races for HFP Racing within a season. The name came from a previous owner at Bishop’s Bicycles who would ask Isaac if said bike was, “race ready.” Years later when tuning bikes prior to a race, the name Race Ready Cycle Works was created. 





*Drop wheels *Oil all components and wipe off frame *Clean chain *Clean wheels *Check hub bearings *Put wheels back into frame *Release cables from all components *Reassemble brakes *Check limit screws on derailleurs*Reassemble derailleurs *Oil chain and wipe clean *Check over one last time *Wipe all grease from frame




-Clean wheels Oil all components and wipe off -Clean chain -Clean frame -Clean wheels -Check hub bearings -Put wheels back into frame -Check rear derailleur alignment -Release cables from all components -Reassemble brakes -Check limit screws on derailleurs -Reassemble derailleurs -Oil chain and wipe clean -Check over one last time -Wipe all grease from frame



Over the years we have met a lot of different bike shop owners, but one who stands out from the rest is Mitch Graham at BioWheels. Mitch is a world class bike fit expert who strives for the greatest bike fit you can have. Aside from that, BioWheels is a dealership for high-end products and we feel that you get what you pay for as far as products go. Get your bike fit done today and stop wasting time with mediocre bike shops.


We partnered up with Amway because they make carrying nutrition products so much easier. They allow us to only carry a handful of products with us and then if you, the customer, likes the products you can then go to our personalized website with Amway and order as much as you want, when you want and it’ll be shipped directly to your house! In addition to that, Amway is backed up with a 180 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like something, send it back and get your money back. 



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(513) 258-4183